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At Professional Building Diagnostics, we understand that there are a variety of reasons to why you may need or want an inspection. Sometimes you want to check on things after a storm. You may be putting your home on the market. Fortunately, we provide a variety of inspection services for your home. From foundation inspection to attic inspection and beyond, we can make sure that your home is safe and working properly. Call today and see the difference out roof inspection service can make for your home in the Prospect Heights, IL area.

Protect your investment with Professional Building Diagnostics. Our mission is to inspect and diagnose your home so that you can get back to enjoying it. Whether you want one room diagnosed or an entire roof inspection, we have your back. From step one, our professional home diagnostic experts will have an open line of communication with you. This means that we will keep you updated with every part of your inspection. Once everything is done, we will then assist you in finding cost-effective, quality solutions for any of your home’s possible issues.

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Professional Building Diagnostics, LLC

Foundation Inspection

There are occasions, whether through water damage or other factors, your home foundation shows signs of disrepair. This is when it’s time to call in a foundation inspection. Foundation damage automatically lowers the value of your home in addition to attracting things like mold and pest. Letting your foundation go can also cause more involved, expensive repairs later on.

Some ways to tell that your foundation is in need of repair include:

  • Cracks above windows.
  • Doors and windows won’t shut properly.
  • Uneven floors throughout your house.

If you see these signs and think you need foundation and roof inspection experts, call Professional Building Diagnostics today.


Professional Building Diagnostics, LLC

Attic Inspection

Attic inspection can be useful for ensuring that your insulation is in proper shape and that you don’t have any missed cracks or openings. Keeping a well-maintained attic is also essential to keeping your property value up. Because people don’t often use their attics, it’s common for them to have issues without anyone realizing it. Even if you don’t regularly use it, insulation can get old and your attic walls can crack. Overall, getting your attic regularly inspected can help you save money in energy cost throughout the year and help keep your family comfortable in hot and cold months.

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Professional Building Diagnostics, LLC

Roof Inspection Service

It’s a known fact that roofs play a huge part in the value of any home. They are also important to your curb appeal, and family’s general safety. In general, you want to get your roof inspected after a severe weather event occurs or you believe there might be some form of damage. Our company is experienced in working with a variety of roofing material and can diagnose any style of architecture. Whatever you do, don’t wait to seek out roof inspection services if you think there may be a problem. Letting things go leads to issues getting worse and more expensive repairs. Call our roof inspection service experts today if you see any of the following issues:

  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked shingles
  • Mold in your ceiling

Call today to ask about our home inspections and more in the Prospect Heights, IL area. We’ll be happy to provide a free estimate. If you’re in need of reliable, quick interior, exterior, and roof inspection services, call (312) 343-1714. We’ll get out to your home to provide an inspection and free estimate as soon as possible.

For information on pre-listing inspections, please see our Pre-Listing Home Inspection Glenview, IL page.

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