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Professional Building Diagnostics proudly serves residences and commercial buildings in Illinois. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, our founder Kurt has gained experience and expertise with a variety of projects. We are proud to have gained a skill set that, quite frankly, can’t be taught in class. We inspect everything from HVAC systems to roofs, and are ready to take on anything your home or business can throw at us. Our company never skimps on the details, and always takes our time inspecting any issue. In no time, you’ll have your home inspected, diagnosed, and ready to repair.

Kurt has a wide variety of experience, taking on a variety of jobs and managing dozens of teams. He is happy to keep his standards high and provide his knowledge when servicing our community. Of course, we understand the importance of timing for any case. Whatever your needs, we will try to service you as soon as possible, no matter how seemingly unimportant the complaint.

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Mon-Fri: 7AM-7PM
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We are dedicated to providing you the highest level quality of service possible the moment we arrive on the job. This means complete transparency with everything we do. We will stick to our arrival times, and keep to your budget. Whether you're looking to have your mansion or shed inspected, we have the tools and experience to take on your project.

Professional Building Diagnostics, LLC

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